Valenti Dynasty


House Valenti was once a large, but minor noble house on Ichabarr. They became known as an extremely loyal mercenary house who served other houses as hired guards and advisers. Although every house made use of Valenti, they also derided them as the working noble house. Unbeknownst to the other houses, Valenti spent many generations building up wealth and intelligence. In a lightning coup, the house exposed the heresy of a major noble house, and earned a writ of trade.


The Valenti Dynasty is a large, extended family spanning the Ixaniad Sector with a variety of skills and blood ties to a number of noble houses on Ichabarr. Over the generations, they have claimed rights over worlds and trade routes that supply essential industrial metal ores.

House Notables

Gaius Ichabarrius Valentius (Principate) – Planetary Governor of Rubrica
Saint Aleron Valenti – Military Saint renowned for freeing Rubrica and creating Aleron’s Rest

Valenti Dynasty

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