Sub-sector Licenia History

The Licenian subsector, as an administrative entity of the Ixaniad sector, was the natural result of a pre-existing, sophisticated network of worlds and orbital stations all within a cluster of relatively close solar systems. The hive world of Licenia was the nexus of a political entity that spanned terraformed agricultural moons, forge-planets with their halo-rings of dockyards, research facilities, and even pleasure-worlds. The Angevin Crusade discovered this fully-functioning polity, then calling itself the “Licenian Republic,” and brought the Pax Imperialis to it.

Where this highly-advanced society had come from is a matter of some speculation. The Licenians themselves have an elaborate mythology wherein their world is the original cradle of humanity, and that Holy Terra itself was colonized by explorers from Licenia in an era unimaginably ancient. Such a ridiculous mythology was ruthlessly suppressed by a succession of Imperial Governors appointed to oversee the conversion of the “Republic” into proper Imperial citizens. Adepts who came to study the literature, architecture, histories, and other cultural artifacts of the Republic developed the intriguing theory that Licenian society was the result of a long-lost naval battle-group from the Holy Emperor’s Great Crusade that had become lost in space and time in temperamental warp storms. Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus have concurred. Certain technologies in common use by the Licenians were certainly considered “archaeotech” by the standards of the Adeptus Mechanicus, particularly their advanced knowledge of cogitator and stasis-field technology. In other areas, however, the Licenians were strangely backwards, such as the area of warp technology. The Licenians relied almost entirely on stellar travel, which limited them entirely to what space they could reach with their admittedly superior stellar craft. This seemed to suit their insular culture just fine, and had the added benefit of isolating them from discovery by certain xenos species such as the Yu’vath. The subsector was further isolated by highly unstable regions of the Immaterium that some augurs theorized would erupt with unknown frequency, theories that proved to be correct.

In fact, the Licenians had an incredible superstitious dread of anything stemming from the Immaterium. Individuals with latent psyker potential were much more rare in the Republic than elsewhere in the Imperium, and those which did manifest such qualities were killed with even greater zeal than shown by Imperial witch-hunters. This was seen by the conquering Imperial authorities as a saving grace of the society which was in many other ways dangerously heretical, and which convinced those authorities that the Republic could be more readily absorbed into the Imperium than purged and resettled.

Those authorities were not entirely correct. The Licenians were never comfortable in the Pax Imperialis, and were slow to accept the Imperial Creed. Their strong sense of non-Imperial identity led to countless rebellions and revolutions on the numerous worlds of the subsector. It was therefore of little surprise that the subsector became the hotbed of a new heresy that spread rapidly amongst the citizens of the former “Republic.” Less than 1300 years after the conquest of the Republic the then-Lord-Sector reached the fateful decision to launch a full-scale crusade to crush this troublesome society and mold its citizens by overwhelming force into proper Imperial subjects. He ignored the warnings of various Astropaths and augurs and launched his crusade into the teeth of the oft-predicted warp storms that had so effectively in the past isolated the Licenian “Republic” for so many millenia, and which were now raging once more after two thousand-year lull.

Now that the storms have subsided once more, the opportunity exists to see what became of that crusade, and where stands this admittedly troublesome region of the Imperium.

Sub-sector Licenia History

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