Type Feral World
Orbital radius 1.3 AU
Gravity 1.2 G
Geography Inland, polar, and coastal deserts. Coastal Jungles.
Temperature -24 to 43° C
Population 5,000,000
System Copiosus System
Sector Ixaniad Sector
Segmentum Segmentum Obscurus
Tithe Grade Exactus Minoris
Government Type Rogue Trader Dynasty
Planetary Governor Gaius Ichabarrius Valentius (Principate)
Adept Presence Missionaria Galaxia Mission and Scholastia Psykana in Mortalis.
Military Local Templum Igniferum (low-quality primitive force, based in Mortalis)
Trade Rubrica produces a higher than normal percentage of psykers who, in addition to going through a rigorous local training regimen, are vetted by the Scholastia Psykana. The iron-rich planet also exports base metals and agricultural crops.

Love the Great Celestial Emperor, the Starfather, the Lifebringer, for He is the salvation of all.
Obey His words, for they alone guide the wind, the rain, and the fire.
Heed His wisdom, for He alone can shield us from evil.
Sing His prayers with devotion, for they will excise the taint in our souls.
Honour His servants, for they speak in His voice.
Tremble before His majesty, for we all walk in His immortal shadow.
—A Song of the Terrigenae

Two thousand Holy Terra years ago, the Angevin Crusaders freed the Rubrica from the daemonic Enslavers. So formidable were the Crusaders of the Great Celestial Emperor that they evicted the Shadow City from the Heavens and it fell to the Telluris Rubrica. But in their fall, the Enslavers released one final weapon. Stella, the Near Star, was blinded and prevented from granting the blessings of the Celestial Emperor to the Rubrica. For three generations, burning black rains fell. The ashed bones of the Enslavers covered the world as thick clouds. Crops died. Livestock died. The people of Rubrica died, for, as the world died, their faith in the Celestial Emperor dwindled.

When the time of Labores Stella ended, wrath of Stella and the Celestial Emperor spilled over the Rubrica. For twelve generations, the Popularis Rubrica were tested by the Great Starfather in the time of Igneus Stella. But the people persevered and renewed their faith through these generations of trials. When the Crusaders came once more, the people were ready and greeted them with faith and the ancient songs of the Terrigenae, the First People. The Crusaders of the Celestial Emperor were well pleased and pleaded with the Lifebringer to turn his wrath from Rubrica. And so it was that the clean rains fell and filled the rivers that nurtured the crops and the people prospered.
—Gaius Promethus Caninus (Historicus)


Solum is the largest and most populated continent on the planet and is largely taken up by the city of Mortalis and its agricultural support system. It is the only continent on which civilized society exists.


The capitol city of Mortalis surrounds the impact site of a Yu’vath ship that crashed during the Angevin Crusade. The crater is considered a holy site by the locals and is surrounded by the ring-shaped Temple District. Other districts ring outward from the Temple District and include administrative, trade, market, and residential districts. The outermost “district” is made up of the sprawling agricultural fields that support the city. The city is further divided into twelve equally-sized wedge-shaped Municipalities, each governed by an elected council.

The Temple District houses the only landing port on the planet as well as the residence of the Planetary Governor and the Mission. The locals revere Imperial ships as vessels of the Emperor (locally known as the Great Celestial Emperor, the Starfather, and the Lifebringer). The Planetary Governor is embraced by the locals as the Principate, or the First Citizen, of the Emperor, the only position in Rubrican society that is both religious and secular. In addition to presiding over the senate, the Planetary Governor also oversees the major rituals of the priesthood.

Capitol Society

The Sacerdotium

When a child exhibits psyker capabilities, it is given over to the Sacerdotium, the local priesthood. The child, called a Dedicant, goes through a grueling daily routine of training. In addition to being mentally taxing, the routine also tests the Dedicant’s physical endurance. Any failing, mentally or physically, is cause for the Dedicant to be “given to the Near Star”. This ritual involves the failed Dedicant, now called a Deficiant, or the body, being taken to the center of the crater and strapped to a platform near the apex of the Yu’vath ruins. If the Deficiant does not succumb to exposure, then the native winged scavengers of the area will ensure death.

After twelve years of progressive training, the Dedicant goes through an initiation ceremony, which involves testing by the Curiate Council of the Sacerdotium followed by a solitary vigil for a full day and night within the Yu’vath ruins. If the Dedicant emerges from the ruins, they face a final test in the Scholastia Psykana, and then, if successful, are tattooed with the appropriate markings and raised to the rank of Initiate.

Each Initiate joins, or is chosen by, one of four temples. Initiates of the Templum Tellus are responsible for the local rites and knowledge of agriculture and architecture. Initiates of the Templum Igniferum are responsible for the defense of the city, the Deficiant ritual, and the training of warriors. They work the most closely with the Planetary Governor. Initiates of the Templum Aquosus are responsible for the local rites and knowledge of shipbuilding, and the administration of the city’s port and navy. Initiates of the Templum Aerius are responsible for maintaining the high rites to the Celestial Emperor and teaching the beliefs to the rest of the populace. They work the most closely with the Mission and the Scholastia Psykana, especially on which Initiates are most worthy to honor the Black Ships, i.e. which members of the priesthood are the strongest psykers.

The Senatus

The senate is composed of representatives of the recognized families of Mortalis.

Saint Aquila Leto

“The Hidden Eagle” was born on Rubrica under the slave reign of the Yu’Vath. Her psychic talent manifested early in childhood, but even untrained she showed an almost instinctual control over her powers. The most significant power she manifested was the ability to throw off the psychic shackles placed upon herself and other slaves. As the Angevin Crusade struck against the xenos presence holding her planet, Saint Aquila led her freed people against their former masters, leading a significant attack against the Yu’Vath’s planetary forces.

It is said that Saint Aquila lived through the planetary winter, unwavering in her faith in the Emperor, as it was handed down through the many generations of slavery.


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