Psychic Powers

The system used for Psychic Powers in Dark Heresy is somewhat flawed, resulting in a lot of random psychic effects and significant chance of random character death. Rogue Trader re-designed the system to deal with these flaws. As such, I’m using the following methods for psychic powers in my game:

  • Psychic powers are taken from Dark Heresy as normal, preserving the divide between “Minor” powers and “Discipline” powers. They are gained in the usual fashion, with a certain number for free for every Psi-Rating upgrade, and additional ones available for purchase.
  • The base system for using psychic powers is the one put forth in Rogue Trader (elaborated on below). As a result, ignore the “Threshold” statistic for powers in Dark Heresy. Instead, Threshold determines the minimum Psi-rating required to effectively use the power as follows:
    • 5-10 – Psi 1
    • 11-14 – Psi 2
    • 15-18 – Psi 3
    • 19-21 – Psi 4
    • 22-24 – Psi 5
  • Note: you do not need to have the necessary base psi rating to purchase the power. It just means you may need to “push” yourself to effectively use it.
  • The Rogue Trader method requires a psyker to decide at the outset whether they will use a power “Fettered”, “Unfettered”, or whether they’ll “Push” it, whereupon they roll a “Focus Power” roll (usually Willpower or Psyniscience) modified by +5 per Psi-Rating to determine success.
    • Using a power Fettered halves the psyker’s Psi-Rating (rounded up) but there is no chance of Psychic Phenomena.
    • Using a power Unfettered uses the psyker’s full Psi-Rating. If doubles are rolled on the Focus Power test, roll on the Psychic Phenomenon chart with the usual consequences.
    • Pushing a power adds up to +3 to the psyker’s Psi-Rating, but is a guaranteed roll on the Psychic Phenomenon chart with a +5 per point of bonus Psi-Rating.
  • Any circumstance that modifies the “threshold” in Dark Heresy will instead modify the Psi Rating. For every 4 points of threshold increase, lower the psi-rating by 1
  • Talents or other abilities that allow a bonus to Power Rolls instead add to the Focus Power test. Each +1 to Power Roll translates to +5 to the Focus Power test
  • Effects for “exceeding the Threshold” should instead apply for “Degrees of success on the Focus Power test” with every 5 points of threshold excess equating to 1 degree of success.
  • The Focus Power tests for Dark Heresy powers are listed below:

Minor Powers

  • Call Creatures – Willpower
  • Call Item – Willpower
  • Chameleon – Psyniscience
  • Deja Vu – Willpower (opposed)
  • Distort Vision – Psyniscience
  • Dull Pain – Willpower
  • Fearful Aura – Willpower
  • Flash Bang – Willpower
  • Float – Willpower
  • Forget Me – Willpower (opposed)
  • Healer – Willpower
  • Inflict Pain – Willpower (opposed)
  • Inspiring Aura – Psyniscience
  • Knack – Psyniscience
  • Lucky – Psyniscience
  • Precognition – Psyniscience
  • Psychic Stench – Psyniscience
  • Resist Possession – Willpower
  • Sense Presence – Psyniscience
  • Spasm – Willpower (opposed)
  • Spectral Hands – Willpower
  • Staunch Bleeding – Willpower
  • Torch – Psyniscience
  • Touch of Madness – Willpower (opposed)
  • Trick – Psyniscience
  • Unnatural Aim – Psyniscience
  • Wall Walk – Willpower
  • Warp Howl – Psyniscience
  • Weaken Veil – Psyniscience
  • Weapon Jinx – Willpower
  • White Noise – Willpower
  • Wither – Willpower

Discipline Powers

  • All Biomancy Powers – Willpower
  • All Divination Powers – Psyniscience
  • All Pyromancy Powers – Willpower
  • All Telekinetics Powers – Willpower
  • All Telepathy Powers – Willpower

Psychic Powers

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