Population: 21 billion
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis
Geography: Climate temperate to tropical with four main continents – Mountainous/Volcanic northern polar cap, equatorial crescent deserts/scrub agricultural (Hive Ceylon, Hive Ciskei, Hive Angron (extinct)), southern ash wastes (Hive Pusan, Hive √Čire), Volcanic southern polar cap (Argus Relay). Three small moons, orbital docks geostationary above Hive Ciskei.
Government Type: Adeptus Terra
Planetary Governor: Lord-Sector Tyrolius Malus
Adept Presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum (Scriptorium-Sanctum-Administratum), Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica (Astropathic Choir at the Argus Relay), Adeptus Arbites, Ordos of the Collegium Ixaniad (Solemn Hall)
Military: Army of the Ichabarr Protectorate (medium/high quality force, based at Hive Ciskei)
Trade: Ichabarr is a major exporter of manufactured goods including ship-drive components and weaponry. It is also an important source of manpower, with a large planetary defense force and a huge underhive population both of which make for excellent Imperial Guard recruit sources. Ichabarr was once a premiere exporter of rare gasses and chemicals, but has been long-since depleted. Ichabarr cannot support itself and requires massive imports of food and water from the Ixaniad sector’s agri-worlds.

Ichabarr was a poisonous world, where gasses such as mercury-sulfide and methane made the atmosphere unbreathable. It was precisely those gasses, however, that brought in the wake of the Angevin Crusade extensive mining efforts that made the world of Ichabarr an industrial powerhouse. Rare gasses and compounds used for the production of Promethium and other exotic substances were plentiful, and before they were exhausted, Ichabarr had sprouted four massive hive-cities, each environmentally-sealed from the poisonous air.

Eventually, of course, these rare gasses and substances had all been harvested. By then, though, Ichabarr had become the center of mercantile power and wealth in the sector, as well as the administrative hub for the Imperial Navy, which was dependent on the substances produced by the world’s refineries. This made Ichabarr a natural choice of Sector-capitol.

Ichabarr’s atmosphere was rehabilitated at great effort and expense. While the air is still not particularly pleasant, it is now at least breathable enough that many levels of the soaring hive spires have been unsealed, permitting open air gardens and other luxuries.

Ichabarr is home to the Lord-Sector Tyrolius Malus and his Argent Guard, as well as the center of power for nearly all the most influential noble and mercantile houses. The Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard, however, have since relocated to the former homeworld of the Iron Templars, Strygos. The Ecclesiarchy, under Arch-Cardinal Doran, has also established their center of power elsewhere upon the cathedral-world of Entheo. Nevertheless, the Ixaniad Sector remains an unusually centralized sector when it comes to the various levers of Imperial power, and Tyrolius Malus is an unusually powerful Lord-Sector.


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