History of the Crusade

In the musty archives of the Lord Sector of Ixaniad’s Sanctum Administratum lie scattered and fragmentary records of the Angevin Crusade of 322-384.M39. Lord Militant Golgenna Angevin pushed beyond the borders of what had previously been known as the Calyx Expanse, crushing small Xenos empires, discovering lost human colonies, and restoring to them the light of the Emperor. From this mighty campaign were forged the Imperial Sectors of Calixis, Scarus, Ixaniad, and others.

Once these sectors were pacified, however, Lord Angevin’s armies were disbanded or recalled to other wars, replaced by armies of scribes, Lords of the Adeptus Terra, priests of the Adeptus Ministorum, and all the other apparati of Imperial governance. Outlying worlds, unused to Imperial Protection, agitated and revolted. False beliefs and heretical doctrines took some time to suppress.

A mere 230 years after the Crusade, the entire Spinward third of the Ixaniad sector, known as the Licenian Sub-sector after its most prominant hive world, became infested with a new cult. Based on the Hive world of Licenia, orators and missionaries taught of the – Heresy Redacted – .

Before the Lord Sector Ixaniad could marshal his forces, the cult had spread to infest a dozen worlds, feeding off the pre-Crusade religions of those worlds. The Planetary Governors were tainted with heresy, and turned the weapons and ships of the sub-sector into rebellion. To make matters worse, Navigators of the Navis Nobilite reported increased Warp instability in the entire Licenian sub-sector.

The Imperium is vast and mighty, but that might moves slowly. Eventually, however, the IX Ixaniad Legion of the Imperial Guard was mustered and loaded aboard the ships of the III Ixaniad Battle Group. Supported by the Iron Templars Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, this force was deemed more than sufficient to crush the rebels and quash the heresy. The fleet powered through the Warp… and vanished. Warp storms erupted, and for the past seven hundred years the Licenian sub-sector has been inaccessible, and to all but the scribe-archivists of Ixaniad’s Sanctum Administratum, forgotten.

Earlier this year, Rogue Trader Callista Flamel reported that the warp storms had abated and that an “uncharted expanse of territory” lay beyond. Subsequent Naval investigation reveals that access to the Licenian sub-sector has apparently been restored.

Lord-Sector Tyrolius Malus has called for the Navy and Imperial Guard regiments of the Ixaniad Sector to be readied to reclaim these worlds under the Holy Protection of the Emperor.

History of the Crusade

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