Great Mechanism

Population: 4.5 billion (estimated) with 10 billion servitors
Tithe Grade: None
Geography: Six moon-sized planetoids of varying mass, all free of atmosphere and featureless consisting of hard rock with near-molten cores of varying dense metals. Each planetoid has been extensively settled with sealed habitats, mostly subterranean, with extensive orbital facilities
Government Type: Adeptus Mechanicus
Planetary Governor: Arch-Magos Zinnia
Adept Presence: Adeptus Mechanicus (Cult of Pure Thought), Officio Munitorum (under strict oversight)
Military: Skitarii Tech-Guard, Legio Cybernetica, significant orbital and system-wide defenses.
Trade: The Great Mechanism is the premiere forge-system of the Adeptus Mechanicus in the Ixaniad Sector. As such, it does brisk and constant trade in technology of every sort. The shipyards of GM-6 produce a steady stream of warships of all makes and models while the manufactorum-hives of the other planetoids disgorge countless devices of all sorts for the Empire. The Great Mechanism system is primarily renowned for cogitator-engines of incredible sophistication.

The Great Mechanism is an anomaly, a tight and complex system of planetoids orbiting a small blue-dwarf star. Each planetoid is small, little more than a moon, and nearly entirely spherical, free of atmosphere, with no life whatsoever. The curiosity is in the nature of the orbits of these bodies. The six do not orbit in concentric rings, as with so many other planetary systems. Instead, they orbit in an elaborate dance along all conceivable axes, their respective gravities pulling themselves and each other into constant new alignments. These alignments are not random, however, but fluctuate in a pattern that repeats every 121.54 Holy Terran Years.

The system fascinated the Explorator fleets of the Adeptus Mechanicus who encountered the system in the Angevin Crusade. Could such a complex planetary dance really have occurred naturally? If not, what species had the staggering power necessary to set a solar system in motion like a complex machine? What purpose would it serve? At the close of the Crusade, the Adeptus Mechanicus was granted fiefdoms of their choosing for their part in the great victory. They chose the Great Mechanism as one such domain.

Since then, they have burrowed extensive forges and observatories into the six planetoids of the Great Mechanism, taking great pains to ensure that the overall mass of each remained constant. For every ton of rock removed, equal weight in adamantium or rockcrete was added. Although even small planetoids still have immense mass compared to a factory-hive, the Tech-Priests took no risks in throwing the elegant dance of the Great Mechanism off.

Over the millenia, contemplation and study of the Great Mechanism gave rise to the Cult of Pure Thought which has become the dominant faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus at the Great Mechanism. They use the complex gravities of the system to forge unique alloys, but it is said that the greatest asset of the system is in the complex mathematics necessary to properly contemplate the Great Mechanism. These mathematics, once mastered by an Initiate whose mind has been purified, permit him to create and design cogitator-engines and logorythmic machine-chants unmatched anywhere in the galaxy.

Great Mechanism

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