Cult of Pure Thought

The Cult of Pure Thought is a faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus deemed sufficiently orthodox to be sanctioned by Mars. Much like the Cult of Sollex in the Calixis sector, the Cult of Pure Thought focuses on certain aspects of the machine-gods’ gifts, elevating and perfecting them through constant veneration and sacred rite while in no way denigrating those areas of study that interest their peers.

The Cult of Pure Thought is notable in that full initiation requires the Rite of Pure Thought, a somewhat extreme act of neuro-surgery that is ordinarily somewhat rare, at least amongst the Mechanicus rank and file. The Cult has embraced the Rite as a central and necessary step to advancement into the higher mysteries. The Rite removes significant portions of the initiate’s brain, particularly those responsible for emotional reactions, and replaces them with sophisticated cogitators to speed calculation and logical thought. The Cult believes that only by embracing the cool, emotionless logic of the machine can machine spirits truly be understood.

The Cult is renowned for their construction of amazing cogitation-engines that come right up to the line of forbidden machine-sentience without quite crossing over. These engines are a marvel, and are much sought out by ship Captains for navigation and targeting purposes, or members of the Administratum who otherwise risk vast amounts of important financial and political data becoming lost by less-reliable machines or adepts. While less flashy than the laser weaponry venerated by the Cult of Sollex, the Cult of Pure Thought’s advances are arguably far more widely useful to the Imperium as a whole.

The Cult is centered on the Forge Worlds of the Great Mechanism where initiates contemplate deep mysteries in the lathe-observatories and calculate the timeless mathematics of the void.

Cult of Pure Thought

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