Character Creation

All characters shall be created as per the Dark Heresy core book and the Inquisitor’s Handbook. Additional character creation options from Blood of Martyrs and Book of Judgment are also accepted.


  • The base-values of all characteristics are increased by 5
  • Instead of rolling 2d10 to add to the base-value of each characteristic, all characters may allocate 100 points amongst their characteristics, no more than 20 of which may be placed in any one characteristic
  • Starting XP: All characters start with 1,000 XP to spend (instead of the usual 400). This means all characters start play at the beginning of Rank 3.


  • Adepta Sororitas: The rules in Blood of Martyrs takes precedence over the rules in the Inquisitor’s Handbook
  • Imperial Psykers: I am using the Psychic Powers system from Rogue Trader instead of the system in the Dark Heresy book as per the guidelines in the link above.


  • Invocation: Invocation works as per Rogue Trader instead of as per Dark Heresy (i.e. success grants +1 to the Psi-rating of any Fettered Power Test, failure grants -1 penalty to the Psi-rating of that test)

Task Force
All characters start with the free Task Force – Xenos Cell Directive (Book of Judgment p. 58, and in the link above)

Starting Funds
You are somewhat better outfitted than fresh recruits. In addition to your starting money, you get 10x your base monthly income (see p. 124) with which to buy starting equipment.

I don’t intend to stress normal ammunition for weapons. You needn’t track it. Special ammunition, however, comes in limited quantities and must be purchased as normal.

Bringing your Character to Life
Feel free to simply select flavor elements for your character. The random charts on pp. 30-33 are just there for people who want to randomly select such things. Also, answer the following questions:

  • How did you come to attention of the Inquisition?
  • What is your ultimate goal or ambition?

Imperial Divination
Do not use the chart on p. 34. Instead use the chart here
Feel free to include this divination in your character bio.

Character Creation

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