The Licenian Heresy


Port Echo

700 + GE
(all present)

From the Archives of Archibald Fanning, Vanem Umbrae

Data on the events following the procurement of the Azure Rose, and the necessary requirements to get her operational again is somewhat sparse.

We do know that Inquisitor Promethea, her throne agents, and a cell of Acolytes entered the black tomb of the ship and encountered enigmatic incorporeal warp entities that assailed them. These entities could, apparently, possess the thousands of frozen corpses that floated through the vessel, and so the Inquisitor ordered a systematic sequestration of corpses into the cargo holding areas and the clearing of a safe path to the Enginarium. This was done with fire and faith until they reached the cold, dead engines, whereupon they encountered something unusual. The plasma drives were there, of course, but also a strange and immense machine that the warp entities seemed to avoid. Magos Attilan was able to speak to the machine spirit of the device and discovered, somewhat to his horror, that it was a cogitator system of such advanced nature that it very nearly bordered on the heretical silica animus.

It would appear that Lord Captain Finn had kept this Meritech Shrike-class vessel and used his connections with Hiram Vain to upgrade its already heretical systems. This cogitator system had spread its sinister systems through every aspect of the ship allowing a larger degree of automation, and a much faster rate of reaction and processing. There were also a number of other… experimental systems… attached, including one intended as an emergency purge should daemonic infestation breach the gellar fields. Mago Attilan activated this system, which appeared to work as designed, sending the remaining warp creatures screaming back to the immaterium.

Further investigation revealed that the ship was full of Logician tech, including an armory filled with the same advanced personal armor and weapons that they had encountered on Vain’s bodyguards. After some soul-searching, Magos Attilan determined that this technology would improve the ship’s chances of being taken for a pirate vessel, and therefore opted to keep it undamaged for their mission to find Slynt.

Some weeks passed while the ship was cleared of corpses, the plasma drives brought online, and the new crew assembled and put into place. Ultimately, however, the Inquisitor was ready to depart on her mission to track down the most elusive of the Managers of the Amaranthine Syndicate in the Ixaniad Sector.



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