Sister Castita

Famulous Witchfinder's Aide and Veteran Sister Superior


Despite living centuries, Sister Castita shows few marks of her advanced age. Like many nobles, she has benefited from rejuvenation treatments for much of her life. Her white hair is not out of place among the uniform-cropped hair of the Adepta Sororitas, and her scant wrinkles are not so pronounced as to distract from her magnetic appearance.

When not appearing in her Ecclesiarchy robes, Sister Castita wears an aged suit of light power armor. The suit bears powerful hexagramatic marks that ward against psychic attacks. Sister Castita carries a pair of hand flamers for “protection” and a multi-headed flail for “other purposes.” She is rarely seen outside the company of her hovering servo-skull, Martin.


Sister Castita was born nearly four centuries ago on an imperial world, Maccabeus Quintus. Her birth was a product of generations of noble liaisons meticulously arranged by the secretive Ordo Famulous. Castita was born on the saint’s day of Castor the Obviate, the patron of interrogators, foreshadowing her current role in the Adepta Sororitas.

Sister Castita received her training in the greatest abbeys on Maccabeus Quintus. There she learned the exacting arts of the Sisters Famulous and soon became renowned for her comprehensive diaries of the families served by the Order, including the personality traits, physical characteristics, spiritual development and genetic purity of every member of the family in obsessive detail. Casita also developed a talent for constructing thorough histories out of seemingly innocuous records like tax rolls, weather reports, mercantile receipts, and even minor artistic trends.

Sister Castita’s forensic historiography allowed her to occasionally point out hidden cults and their activities to the Ordo Hereticus. Even the smallest bureaucratic irregularities could betray the existence of unsanctioned witch cults in all levels of Imperial society. Castita’s skills soon became sought after by inquisitors and witchfinders; she left the abbey so frequently to campaign that her warrant was eventually transferred to a more nomadic station. She was posted to the Adepta Sororitas contingent aboard Cardinal Gerald Solaris’s massive voidship, the Eye of the Aquila, in the Ixaniad sector. Aboard the Eye, Castita honed her martial training and learned the arts of adversarial confession. Here too, she excelled, showing the mark of her birth saint, Castor the Obviate.

In her current rank and role, Sister Castita aids witchfinders, locating heretical groups and interrogating members to root out their heresy. She frequently acts as part of an inquisitor’s retinue, though she stays with a particular group only as long as she is needed for the mission.

Sister Castita

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