Inquisitor, Imperial Psyker



Praenomen: Tiberia
Nomen: Promethea
Cognomen: Lunaris
Agnomen: Sacrificula

Divination: The wise man learns from the deaths of others.


Planet: Rubrica
System: Copiosus
Sector: Ixaniad
Segmentum: Obscurus


Imperial Psyker
Rank: Preceptor-Savant
Assignment: Epsilon
Known Disciplines: Biomancy (master), Telepathy (expert)

Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos
Philosophy: Radical
Sect: Recongregator?
Faction: Polypsykana?


Tiberia of the sanguinis Lunaris of the primigentis Prometheus, Initiate of the Sacerdotium, was chosen by the Dominus Oratio for honored passage on the sacred Black Ship of Holy Terra to serve at the feet of the Great Celestial Emperor.

Tiberia Promethea Lunaris Sacrificula is an imposing woman, most easily distinguished by the numerous tattoos and piercings that mark her tanned skin.

Tiberia Promethea was born on Rubrica, in the city of Mortalis, to the Prometheus family, one of the twelve founding families of Mortalis. As soon as she exhibited psyker capabilities, she was given to the Sacerdotium, the Rubrican priesthood.

Having passed the grueling training of the Sacerdotium and the subsequent testing of the Scholastia Psykana, she traveled to Terra on one of the Black Ships that frequent Rubrican space. There she received her mark of sanctioning, and devoted herself entirely to the Holy Emperor as one of his brides.

Like all Rubricans, she has an instinctive distrust of any xenos species, especially those whose methods echo the legends of Rubrica’s “Enslavers”. This, combined with her especially martial psychic abilities, made her a suitable candidate for work in the Inquisition.


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