Jeremiah White

Shareholder of the Lys Syndicate


Jeremiah White was a middle-aged, balding man with a surprisingly young face. He was a bit jumpy and had an assortment of apparently chronic nervous tics.


Jeremiah White represented the Lys Syndicate, a sector-spanning trade empire with interests in a wide range of goods and services, specializing mostly in finished manufactured goods, technological devices, and transportation services. The Void Star, the ship upon which the Inquisition transported the acolytes of Hans Steendahl, docked at Port Echo under the cover of a Lys Syndicate charter.

Imagine the surprise of Inquisitorial agents to discover that White was a member of the Cold trading Council of Nine. Epsilon and Gamma cells assassinated White utilizing signature weaponry that could be traced to Hiram Vain. The Inquisition then took significant efforts to ensure that White’s successor, Cyrus DeLeon, was deep in its pocket.

Jeremiah White

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