Hiram Vain

Owner and Operator of the Vain Chartist Enterprise


Hiram Vain is a merchant who appears to be in his late middle-age. He dresses as befits his station as a wealthy merchant.


The Vain Chartist Enterprise is a complex network of ships and chartist captains who transport goods throughout the Ixaniad sector. It is unusual for a trade network of this size to still be owned and controlled by a single man, but Vain has pulled it off.

Vain came to Port Echo once news of the Licenian subsector’s accessibility reached him. He is busily engaged in negotiation contracts with a number of Rogue Trader dynasties as well as any other group he considers worth his time.

Vain was recently ousted from his seat on the Council of Nine for utilizing strange technology, unusual high-tech weapons, and a combat servitor in acts of aggression against the Stryxis of the Gentle Fleet, as well as attacks on House Rees. It is Epsilon Cell’s conclusion that Vain is a front for the enigmatic Logician cult, and that he may be field-testing new technologies on the station.

Hiram Vain

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