Hans Steendahl

Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos


Inquisitor Steendahl is a slight, wiry man dressed in dark charcoal robes. He is extremely unassuming except for cybernetic implants that project a small hololithic display in front of his right eye, and delicate cybernetic traceries on his hands. These unusual implants seem to control a cloud of tiny motes of blue light that he can call into being or banish whenever he wishes. Their function is not altogether clear.


Inquisitor Steendahl is a member of the Ordo Xenos, specializing in combating the more subtle alien threats to the Imperium. He leaves other colleagues to handle Rak’ghol, Orks, and the like. He specializes in the subtler aliens, the ones who try to live among and subvert humanity.

It is rumored that he began his career in the Inquisition as an acolyte of the Ordo Sicarius. Whether or not this is true, he does seem to favor assassins as acolytes and Interrogators. Perhaps he simply finds their ability to move discreetly to be valuable to his investigations.

Hans Steendahl

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