Dido Caracalla Hiberna

Adept and Exiled daughter of House Caracalla


A young dark skinned woman with strikingly long black hair- braided into chain-like rows with red cording.
Short, wiry, and typically wearing plain deep blue or grey clothing and a cloak-like jacket with a hood. Her belt with pouches and boots are sturdy, but she wears a worn, tattered deep red silken scarf around her neck. She tends to carry a satchel or haversack marked with the Administratum insignia. If required to carry a weapon, she treats it either like an untrustworthy pet, or forgets she even has it.

It is her quirks- talking occasionally to herself (possibly in odd languages), touching things with her eyes closed, a temper when cornered, polyamorous tendencies, an apparently complete lack of ability for weaponry or combat, and a tactless interrogative habit- that leave impressions with those she meets. Fortunately for her, the Inquisition and the Administratum value her adept talents…


Dido is noble born, of a potent trading family and lineage on the planet Caudexa. A scandal involving associations with the plebian classes and forbidden knowledge, a rumored plot to undermine the social structure of certain ruling families, and an illicit affair brought her to ruin early in life. Cast out from her family, she was ‘banished’ into service among the residuum of an Administratum presence operating out of bureaucratic habit more than need. Among those nearly abandoned vaults she nearly ceased to exist. A ‘lucky’ appearance by the Inquisition and it’s re-structuring and revival of Imperial power on Caudexa changed her fate- relocated to Ichabarr, she became a useful member of the Administratum. Whether her association with the Acolyte who took her from Caudexa to Ichabarr has continued, and in what manner, occasionally creates raised eyebrows between the Administratum and the Inquisition.
For whatever reason, many members of House Rees acknowledge her noble heritage, while House D’rian dismisses the entire concept of ‘nobility’ on Caudexa as a joke.

Ultimately, she is a philomath as well as a devoted servant of the Imperium in all it’s vast glory.

Dido Caracalla Hiberna

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