Callidon Rees

Scion of House Rees


Callidon Rees is a healthy looking young man of twenty-four who carries himself with proper style and grace fitting his station. His hair, so blond it is nearly platinum, and arctic blue eyes help accent his dashing appearance.

His armor, coat, gloves, and boots (all of which are of very nice quality) help cover every other inch of his skin. A mono-sword hangs at his right hip.


Callidon was born of noble blood on Ichabarr, in the hive-city of Ceylon, to House Rees. He is the youngest of four children, the nearest being 10yrs older then him. Callidon’s charm and grace helps him enjoy the wealth and status his name gives him. Now he travels to different locals to help build clientele for his family’s hotel/casino branch of business.

Callidon Rees

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