Bastion Attilan


A stoutly built man even before the augmentations of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Bastion is now quite an imposing figure. Unlike many Tech-Priests, his skin is quite deeply tanned and his hair is lightened by the sun. He is rarely seen without Crimson, his cyber-mastiff, who he often strokes as if the dog were an actual pet.


Born on Forge World Copernicus, Bastion’s facility and affection for cyber-beasts resulted in a posh assignment managing the hunt animals at a noble’s hunting preserve. He enjoyed a life of sunlight and leisure unknown to much of the empire.
Unfortunately, his affection for the animals also drew him into a web of heresy. Artisan Logan Hueller, Bastion’s superior, took his devotion to his animals as a sign that he would be open to the subtle heresy of the Logicians. He offered up opportunities to experiment with ‘new programming’ that would improve the hounds ability to make decisions in the field…programming that blurred the lines between servitor and self-willed machine.
Bastion realized that he had stumbled upon something perverse, but it was also clear that Logan was too well respected to simply be turned in. He had won great honor for the Empire in defeating an attempt by Chaos to infiltrate the Adeptus Mechanicus in his youth (it turns out that the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend), and so Bastion instead went deeper. He constructed files on every piece of heresy he came across, carefully constructing a role within his mind that would allow him to appear loyal to the Logicians. He would engage in debates with them, formulating arguments for why the restrictions on technology that they labored under were chains that held back humanity from greatness. He made his face hide the horror at the filthy words coming out of his mouth, until the day that he had enough information and trust that he could journey off world, and turn himself and his allies over to the authority of the Mechanicus.
Artisan Logan and his allies were purged, along with a number of nobles and their attendance who were found to be aids to the heresy. Bastion’s infiltration was too effective. In all the interrogations of the Logicians, none suspected him of turning them over. All treated him as a loyal member of the conspiracy. A seed of doubt was planted, and so it was that Bastion was sent to manage the guard dogs for a tiny imperial fortification on an unsettled continent on a Feral World. It was while hospitalized from his most recent bout of Mal Fever that he was first approached by an agent of the Inquisition. After over a year of being traded and transported around the Imperium, he is eager to have a chance to truly serve the Empire again.

Bastion Attilan

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