Antigone Zenobia

Lady-Captain of the Starburst, Task Force Litany


Antigone is too pretty to be a navy captain, at least that’s what most people think when they first meet her. She appears immaculately-dressed in barely-regulation uniform that shows off way too much decolletage.


Lady-Captain Antigone is a moderately competent officer who is generally assumed to be less-competent than she is on account of her appearance and her noble commission. She attained her rank thanks to House Zenobia’s family connections and has never had to prove herself in battle. She coasted through the Naval officer’s academy.

She’s excited to be part of something that may actually lead to an opportunity to prove herself. She knows she isn’t he best officer the navy has to offer, but she is certain she’s a far cry more competent than she’s given credit for, and craves an opportunity to prove it.

Antigone Zenobia

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