The Licenian Heresy

A Dark Heresy Campaign

Begin Transmission – Encryption Level ZETA
Origin: Marigold – Temple Vanus
Recipient: Hans Steendahl – Ordo Xenos
Thought for the Day: “An Open Mind is an Undefended Fortress”

Greetings My Lord,

Enclosed are collected files from the fragmentary records of the Administratum archives of the Ixaniad sector. There were few direct references to the Licenian Crusade although indirect references could be discovered in the daily military requisition orders.

With the unexpected lull in the warp storms that have cut off the Licenian sub-sector for the past seven centuries, the need for intelligence on this section of space is vital. I have fragmentary reports of an extensive cold trade operating out of Port Echo. With your consent, I shall take some acolytes to begin investigation and analysis.

Service is Prayer,

Marigold, Vanem Umbrae

- End Transmission -

The Licenian Heresy

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