Explorator Fleet Kappa Seven Survey Summary:

  • System Designation K7LSX001Y001Z001
  • Solar Type: Yellow Standard
  • Orbital Bodies: 3 Planetary-class, 2 Gaseous-class, 5 Comet-class
  • Orbital Body Designations:
    • Solon – Composition and Geological Scan (see file XLZ1001)
    • Vitruvia – Composition and Geological Scan (see file XLZ1002)
    • Licenia – Composition and Geological Scan (see file XLZ1003)
    • Jovis – Composition and Geological Scan (see file XLZ2001)
    • Siris – Composition and Geological Scan (see file XLZ2002)
  • System Risk Designation: Imperial
  • System Tech Level: Imperium-Grade with Variations
  • System Priority Assessment: Primary

System Summary:
Licenia, the capitol of the Licenian Republic, is an oceanic world covered entirely with highly-saline water. Massive tangled “islands” of a kelp or algae-like plant drift in warm currents feeding a vast and complex ecosystem of bizarre creatures.

Licenia is a Hive world. Human populations are concentrated in massive floating cities. While some food can be cultivated on the floating kelp islands or caught by the fishing fleets, most of it is imported from Caedicius and its moons via a constant traffic of massive stellar cargo haulers.

The ever-growing hives of Licenia could have long-since consumed all sources of food on their otherwise rich world, but the Republic had an almost superstitious reverence of the sea-life, including tales of massive leviathans that could, if displeased, crack and sink an entire hive. No record of such an event was ever discovered by Imperial Adepts, and orbital planetary scans have discovered no evidenced of such creatures.

Licenia has few exports other than administration, but it does that fairly well. It is well-placed as the hub of the worlds of the former Republic, a vital consideration with the stellar-limitations of that civilization.

Licenia has three major hive-cities named, appropriately enough, Primaris, Secundus and Tertia. Primaris was the seat of the Republic’s sprawling government and administrative bureaucracy, and is now the seat of the planetary governor. Secundus is the primary spaceport and mercantile hub. Tertia is almost entirely residential, and contained the Universities, librariums, and other centers of learning. Traffic between them is via surface-naval craft or atmospheric flyers.

Current Data:

There appears to be a potent psychic beacon emanating from the direction of Licenia akin to (but significantly weaker than) the Astronomican. Licenia is rumored to be ruled by a “Regent” of the Emperor who rules the subsector.


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