The Licenian Heresy

The Cell Gathers

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Encryption-Pattern Zeta
Cipher-Lock Engaged
To: Hans Steendahl, Inquisitor
From: Marigold, Interrogator, Temple Vanus
Thought for the Day: “The Emperor Blesses all Righteous Beginnings”


The Void Star will shortly be departing Ichabarr en route to Port Echo. I have assembled two cells of acolytes aboard this vessel who shall be kept isolated from one another as required by protocol. Cell Sigma was gathered primarily as support staff for my own efforts while Cell Epsilon will the the primary field cell. Sigma is, unsurprisingly, primarily ex-military while Epsilon is a much more… diverse group of individuals.

That quaint little death cult you insist on cultivating came through. It would appear that Callidon, of House Rees, will be an effective agent, mixing social savoir faire with a talent for bladed weapons. His noble pedigree will be most useful in cementing the cell’s cover once we reach port. He and Promethea, the sanctioned Psyker you bargained for, made an excellent team in the initial investigations of cold trade connections in the hives of the capitol.

The adept Dido from Caudexa is a… strange woman, but one whose particular eccentricities are well known to me. My own order cultivates the sort of mindset she appears to naturally possess. She has yet to develop the necessary focus to drive out distracting details to efficiently track threads of causation, but I anticipate she will be an excellent information resource in the field. Her pre-existing sense of gratitude to House Rees may aid her in working alongside Callidon, but nobles are notoriously fractious, so we shall see.

The burned Arbiter, Novus Cromwell, will provide the necessary age, experience, and practical seasoning to a group of relatively young, green recruits. His experiences have jaded him, but not so much, I hope, that he will be useless. It is my expectation that he will provide necessary perspective, and I anticipate he may rise to a natural leadership position amongst his new cell mates.

The one thing notably lacking was solid military support. To that end I took the liberty of requisitioning a Guardsman from the jails of the Adeptus Arbites, a Catachan of all things. He’s far from home indeed. I arranged for him to be cleared of the charges against him and remanded to our service. He should be waking from sedation shortly.

I have yet to decide on the final member of Epsilon. A few candidates vie for primacy in my considerations. I will enter the probability trance to calculate variables as soon as I conclude this report.

In Service,

Vanem Umbrae


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