Warren Didaskolos

Historical Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus


Inquisitor Warren Didaskolos was, when last anyone in the Ixaniad sector saw him, an imposing figure in black power armour. A lifetime of hunting heretics and witches had left him scarred, pale, but no less determined to purge the Imperium of the rot within.


Warren Didaskolos rose from the tenuous position of sanctioned Imperial psyker to become a renowned monodominant Inquisitor with a strict antipathy towards any sect he considered too divergent from Ecclesiarchical orthodoxy. It was mostly his own efforts within the Inquisition that drew such rapid attention to the rise of the Licenian Heresy so soon after the formation of the Ixaniad sector. He had agents and spies everywhere, and was actively preparing the way for the arrival of Imperial forces to crush the heresy when warp storms arose.

Warren Didaskolos

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