Vargas Lin

Historical Arch-Missionary of the Missionaria Galaxia


Arch-Missionary Vargas Lin was once a Rogue Trader Lord-Captain. He and his ships served in the Angevin Crusade. Such were the horrors of the Yu’vath that he witnessed that, upon the conclusion of the crusade, he gave up his Warrant to his eldest daughter, leaving her all his holdings except the Dynasty’s flagship, an ancient Grand Cruiser which he renamed Angevin’s Fire, and took holy orders, dedicating his extensive Rogue Trader experience to the pursuit of a missionary life.

His efforts focused primarily on the new-formed Ixaniad sector, particularly the Licenian subsector which was still rife with quasi-heretical notions. He founded a university dedicated to promulgating the Imperial Creed on the shrine world of Tria and helped settle humans freed from the Yu’vath on Aleron’s Rest.

His ultimate fate remained unknown until his descendant, Lady-Captain Evelyn Lin, tracked down the wreck of the Angevin’s Fire to the surface of a wild planet known to scant records as The Hedge. She, with the aid of the Aguirre Dynasty, floated the ancient wreck and brought it to Port Echo for extensive refitting. The ancient, fragmentary, cogitator-records contained within the ship were granted, as a gesture of good faith, to the Missionaria Galaxia. The Inquisition also got their hands on these records, which provide some intriguing glimpses into the worlds of the Licenian Subsector, albeit nearly 2,000 years out of date.

Vargas Lin

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