Syrah Distaff

Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus


Syrah Distaff is not an attractive woman, nor does she much seem to care. She dresses in red robes reminiscent of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This, along with her obvious biomechanical augmentations, lead casual observers to mistake her for a member of the Machine Cult. Such misdirections are often cause for her to flash her distinctive cold smirk.


Syrah Distaff’s real, original name is lost to all but the most knowledgeable of the secretive ways of the Inquisition. So is her true past. There are many stories about her origins, all of them equally unlikely to be true. Syrah thrives in misdirection and feint, thrilling to the game of outmaneuvering heretical cults that lurk in the shadows of the rich and powerful. Many such cults have underestimated her because she does not operate exclusively in the shadows. They see her occasional public appearances as weakness or ostentation. Usually, however, she only appears to flush out her prey or to be the catalyst for her many pre-infiltrated agents to begin concluding their work.

Syrah Distaff

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