Lady-Captain of Port Echo


Surma is a hard-eyed woman, sporting tattoos, a few electoos and an assortment of weapons. She has a fresh new cybernetic arm and eye due to wounds suffered fighting the Children of Thorns. She is surprisingly straightforward and blunt for someone in charge of so many subtleties.


Surma has lived all her life on Port Echo, as did her parents, grandparents, etc. all the way back to the original naval officers who were stationed there when it was commissioned during the Angevin Crusade nearly two thousand years ago. Life on floating city filled with criminals was not easy, but she rose to the attention of the Lord-Captain through a combination of cunning and ruthless efficiency. After utilizing her skills as an enforcer (and sometime assassin) he realized that the girl actually had significant intelligence, particularly when it came to names and faces. After testing her in a variety of roles he settled on Mistress of Commerce. She was responsible as the envoy and interface of the Lord-Captain with all ongoing mercantile endeavors on the station. As such, this former thug and assassin managed a sizeable staff of thousands. She refused to let the desk dominate her life, however, and she continued to make the rounds in person, often surprising shady black-market dealers and Rogue Trader functionaries alike with her… personal touch.

After Lord-Captain Finn’s assassination, she rose to the position of Lady-Captain through a combination of careful political positioning and genuine loyalty from her many consituencies.


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