Lord-Captain Finn

Former Lord-Captain of Port Echo


Lord-Captain Finn was an extremely elderly man kept alive by state-of-the-art medical technology. He was immobile within his robes of state, only his keen eyes and cunning tongue revealing that his mind was still sharp within his rotting body.


Lord-Captain Finn had been the naval administrator of Port Echo for more than two-hundred years. He requested the transfer to this mostly-forgotten station, a request which baffled his peers. Once esconced, however, he proceeded to make Port Echo a significant hub of illicit trade. Smugglers, Rogue Traders, and even Xenos species have used Port Echo as a shipyard and clearing-house for their illegal activities, all under the nominal control of the Imperial navy.

The Navy would have long-ago decomissioned Port Echo as the region of space it once services was long ago swallowed by warp storms. Persistent yet minor Xenos attacks have always barely justified keeping it operational, and the navy has paid little enough attention to it. Now that the storms have subsided, however, the navy is taking a new, hard look at the hive of scum and villainy their supply-station has become. Sadly for them, however, Finn had rooted himself deeply in local commerce and his millions of minions were loyal to him above and beyond any vestigial naval affiliations their families may once have had.

He was assassinated by the Children of Thorns in an internal dispute. His Mistress of Commerce, Surma, was elevated to Lady-Captain as the result of complex political considerations involving the population of the station and Task Force Litany.

Lord-Captain Finn

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