Gant / Roan

Master of Commerce, Port Echo


Gant is a weathered, middle-aged man. He generally appears to the casual eye to be unarmed.


Gant was once one of Port Echo’s premiere information brokers, spending much of his time in the shrine to St. Vidicus the Forlorn, which he had turned into a hub for the information trade at Port Echo. Gant’s particular specialty was the subversion of the various clans and families who made up the dockworkers and cargo-loaders. After violence against the Children of Thorns tore through the shrine, he was left in a precarious situation. Thanks to arrangements made with Epsilon Cell, and his other connections, he managed to turn his misfortunes around and was selected by Surma to be her new Master of Commerce when she ascended to the Lady-Captaincy.

Gant / Roan

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