Novus Cromwell, former arbitrator (Sr. Dep. Inspektor, Ret.)


Cromwell is a large man with scarred, weathered skin. He has a white streak in his otherwise gray hair, a souvenir of a bullet that nearly ended his life.


Cromwell is from the mean streets of Greneth, a seedy hive that covers a moon in geostationary orbit around Ichabarr. Greneth serves as an orbital dock for freight and other low-priority traffic to the planet. It is environmentally controlled, but not very effectively. Greneth’s two sister moons are much larger and their orbital docking traffic warrants them more attention from the civil maintenance and pacification corps. Supplies, particularly food and water, are hard to come by on Greneth, and its people are consequentially some of the meanest, grittiest, foul-mouthiest humans in the Imperium.

Cromwell’s career in the Adeptus Arbites was his chance to leave Greneth. But far from being a ticket to a better place, Cromwell’s assignments took him on a tour of the darkest, foulest planets in the sector. Graft and corruption were hallmarks of the arbitrators craft in those areas. Near the end of a long and distinguished career in those environs, Cromwell began investigating a series of murders, a bloody trail that took him back to his home world (moon) of Greneth.

It was a big case, the last of Cromwell’s career. He found it difficult to convince his superiors that the murders were all connected. Even more difficult was proving the involvement and complicity of a several of high-ranking officials in the Adeptus Arbites. Cromwell’s investigation ended with his career. He was framed for two of the murders and only the intervention of the Inquisition, their last-minute “production of exonerating evidence,” saved Cromwell from execution.


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