Commissar Wilhelm Richter

Imperial Commissar, Stranded on Port Echo


Commissar Richter is a severe-looking man who nevertheless can focus the significant power of his charisma upon a person with frightening ease.


Commissar Richter came with Task Force Litany’s ground forces to eventually engage in the reconquest of the Licenian subsector. He was keeping an eye on the Guardsmen under his purview while they were on shore leave on Port Echo when Task Force Litany was attacked and driven off by the Licenian Regency. He found entertainment in the company of Celine, who later called him to help protect her from arrest. He extracted more truth from her than she expected, however, and he nearly ended up executing her as a heretic.

He is one of the few who is absolutely aware that Callidon Rees and his associates work for the Inquisition.

Commissar Wilhelm Richter

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