Agent and Assassin, Formerly Port Echo, now Axinite


Celine is a lovely woman with a refined bearing and significant social acuity. She makes a point to be presentable, even when being arrested.


Celine was a top operative and occasional assassin for Lord-Captain Finn of Port Echo, and a rival to Surma. When Surma was selected as Mistress of Commerce, and ultimately as Finn’s heir, Celine was bitter. Nevertheless, she continued to engage in highly-social espionage in the various entertainment establishments aboard the station on behalf of the information broker Gant, who eventually became “Roan”, Surma’s new Master of Commerce. He was well-aware of the rivalry between the two women, and tended to make sure they stayed separate.

Sadly, Celine also continue to report to Finn’s cold-trade network, which got her in trouble. Now she is under house arrest in Epsilon Cell’s suite, cooperating in exchange for a promise of a new life working for House Rees on Axinite.


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