The Licenian Heresy

Under Siege

Port Echo

(500 + GE)
(Brian, Jane, Peg, Randy)

Encryption-Pattern Zeta
Cipher-Lock Engaged
To: Hans Steendahl, Inquisitor
From: Marigold, Interrogator, Temple Vanus
Thought for the Day: “The Emperor’s Enemies Flourish in Darkness”

My Lord,

In the aftermath of the actions by renegade Navigator House Virth to blackmail Lady-Captain Surma on behalf of the presumed deceased Lord-Captain Finn, Surma decided to confront her fellows on the Council of Nine on the subject of Finn’s continued existence, Flamel’s knowledge of it, Finn’s aggression against Surma, and other matters that, when voiced in Council, could not help but sow distrust and dissent. As this is all to our goal and benefit, Acolyte Rees, supported by Acolyte Attilan, attended the Council meeting leaving the rest of Epsilon cell to head to the Grey Decks in an attempt to purchase the Warp Disrupter ship-borne device that the Stryxis had on offer, and to make inquiries into Finn’s hidden whereabouts.

The siege and blockage of Port Echo by the navy of the “Licenian Regency” has made the station rather unstable at the moment. Although not enough time has passed to cause serious inconvenience, the fear of starvation has struck the station and riots over food supplies have already broken out. They are fairly well-contained thus far, but this station has not had to suffer such deprivation in living memory, and was clearly unprepared for a naval blockade. The Acolytes descended to the Gray Decks where they discovered the denizens of those slums taking a far greater interest in them and their movements than previously, including a small group of what they surmised were probably Vain’s commandos in disguise.

Epsilon cell arrived at the Stryxis market, which was much more heavily guarded by the xenos and their “meat” servants. There was evidence of recent violence, and Acolyte Dido noted intact suits of Vain’s commando armor for sale. The Stryxis informed them that the Warp Disruptor had already been purchased. The acolytes entered trade negotiations for information on who bought it and where they might be found, as well as seeking to buy the scavenged commando armor, and the salvaged implants the inhabitants of the armor needed to effectively use it. The Acolytes learned that the Warp Disrupter had been purchased by Rennic, who the acolytes knew from Celine’s testimony was an agent of Finn. The Stryxis also revealed that Finn had secret ship-docks on the underside of the station amidst the “Black Holds”, the industrial parts of the station where the plasma reactors, corpse-starch vats, and other necessary but unpleasant parts of the station lay. Many sections of the black holds were without gravity, air, or even power, and navigating them to find Finn’s secret docks was dangerous, but the Stryxis provided a map, as these self-same docks were the ones they were permitted to use when boarding the station. The acolytes gave to the Stryxis the information they had gathered on the location in the Gray Decks where Hiram Vain’s transmissions were originating for the direction of his soldiers and servitors, as well as the signal-cipher being used. They also encouraged the Stryxis to consider abandoning Port Echo once the blockade was lifted, as the business climate for aliens here was likely to sour rapidly.

The Acolytes investigated Vain’s technology and discovered highly sophisticated carapace armour with many interesting built-in systems. The weapons also had some advantages. They delivered these items to me. I am continuing to investigate their fabrication. The acolytes and I discussed possible routes into the Black Holds that didn’t require the Stryxis map. Since the Black Holds are mostly the domain of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I posited that they could have Acolyte Attilan utilize his contacts to get them access if they did not wish to trust entirely to the map. Either way, hunting Finn in his lair would require a team at full strength, so they intended to wait until the Council of Nine’s extended negotiations came to a close.

The Acolytes went on a meeting with Rogue Trader Dynasty Starling. As their Lord-Captain was in the Council of Nine meeting, Acolyte Dido met with Elizabeth Starling, the Lord-Captain’s sister. Apparently the Aguirre Dynasty managed to negotiate with the Licenian Regency Admiral on behalf of Lord-Captain Starling permitting him to transport food through the blockade. Armed with this new monopoly on imported food, Lazar Starling contacted “House Rees” to discuss a distribution deal. Starling anticipates making a significant profit, and seeks House Rees’ superior connections to the station’s Lady-Captain, as well as their influence over the Lys Syndicate to arrange distribution of food throughout the station for Starling warehouses, as well as protection for the food as it’s distributed. Acolyte Dido effectively agreed while leaving it open to be paid in information on the Amaranthine Syndicate, or some other, non-monetary form if necessary.

The Acolytes returned to their rooms to await the conclusion of the Council of Nine’s meeting.

I know you are in transit. Hopefully the Lord-Captain Aguirre, guided by your agent aboard his ship, can negotiate an end to this blockade before you arrive.

In Faith,

Vanem Umbrae



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