The Licenian Heresy

The Shattering of the Council

Port Echo

(800 + GE)
(All present)

Encryption-Pattern Zeta
Cipher-Lock Engaged
To: Hans Steendahl, Inquisitor
From: Marigold, Interrogator, Temple Vanus
Thought for the Day: “…A Light in the Darkness”

My Lord. Epsilon and Gamma cells have, I believe, effectively concluded all that they can accomplish on Port Echo at this time. I know that your own arrival is imminent, and that I will be making a… more complete report at that time, I send you this report so as to give you some time to digest the information.

Acolytes Rees and Attilan successfully sowed discontent and distrust alongside Lady-Captain Surma within the Council of Nine. Epsilon Cell then coordinated with Gamma cell and the local Adeptus Mechanicus to gain access to Finn’s hidden port facilities on the underside of the station. He had, apparently, sealed off this part of the station, effectively cutting the Stryxis off from their ships. While Gamma cell fought their way through the Pale Throng in the Gray Holds on their way to the Black Holds, pulling attention or other resources away, Epsilon cell infiltrated Finn’s stronghold and boarded his Raider-class vessel, the Void Kraken. Along the way, Epsilon cell encountered a curious lack of people, and a disconcerting number of wide-spread if low-powered psychic effects. The local warp had been flooded with psychic static making attempts by psychic powers or even technological surveillance devices more difficult, and the veil between worlds was, itself, dangerously thin.

As the Acolytes approached the ship, they started to hear Finn’s voice in their heads alternating between incomprehensible alien babbling and sly entreaties to join him and reap all the wealth and power they could desire. Epsilon cell held firm to their faith in the Emperor and boarded the vessel. They encountered disturbing carnage, but were more immediately threatened by a Navigator who appeared to have been driven mad in some fashion. Attacking her caused her to split in half as her warp eye tore open a hole into the warp. The subsequent manifestation of daemonic presences caused many of the acolytes to be shaken in their resolve, but Acolyte Promethea dispatched the daemonic manifestation. They then made greater haste to the bridge.

They encountered Finn there. He appeared to be a human in the prime of his youth but with white points of light burning in his eyes. They assaulted him. I have taken from the mind of Acolyte Attilan a complete account of the battle, and will likewise be providing it to you so that the details of this Halo Device manifestation can be analyzed. In brief, he appeared preternaturally quick, unnaturally strong, and superbly resistant to any source of damage they could deliver. What minor wounds they did inflict bled with an eerie blue blood, and slowly appeared to knit before their eyes. Aside from incredible resilience, however, he did not appear to be much of a physical threat, opting instead to assail their minds, drawing mental schisms to the surface. Once he had successfully done so, he seemed capable of using those schism to insinuate an echo of his own alien intelligence into their minds.

Acolyte Cromwell was the first to fall to this possession. He engaged his fellow Acolyte, Promethea, in close combat, which effectively removed her from the greater conflict. Finn attempted but failed to similarly subvert Acolyte Davos, but succeeded on Acolyte Attilan. Before Acolyte Attilan could similarly turn on his companions, however, Acolyte Rees revealed possession of a “Blood Thorn” artifact, which he used to deal the death blow to Finn, who had already been pretty well battered by grenades and other assaults.

As we both know, however, one who has bonded with a Halo Device cannot die in any conventional sense. Acolyte Attilan found the alien presence leave his mind, but it was to permit Finn to focus his attempts at full possession of Acolyte Cromwell, who telepathically taunted his companions, daring them to strike him down.

I am pleased to report that the did not hesitate to do so. Acolyte Cromwell, however, was a singularly tough individual even before the possession. Fortunately Acolyte Attilan was able to entreat him successfully to fight against possession. Acolyte Cromwell was able to suppress Finn’s mind long enough to successfully kill himself with a krak grenade to the head.

I have attached to this report the formal amendment of an Inquisitorial commendation post-mortem for Acolyte Cromwell, formerly of the Adeptus Arbites.

In the course of the conflict, Acolyte Hiberna managed to somehow shut down the Void Kraken’s plasma drives. Epsilon cell, taking the bodies of Finn and Cromwell with them, accompanied by the newly arrived Gamma cell, escaped the dying ship, sealing the maddened crewmembers inside as gravity, air, and everything else failed. They escaped here to the Void Star where I have received their report. They have some loose ends to tie up on the station, but I intend to keep them out of sight until you and your entourage can arrive and effect arrests and purges.

In Faith,

Vanem Umbrae



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