The Licenian Heresy

The Emporium

Ichabarr / Rashan

(700 + GE)
(all present)

From the Archives of Archibald Fanning, Vanem Umbrae

After her meeting with the High Inquisitor, Inquisitor Promethea was troubled by matters of Inquisitorial politics. She gathered her people who, in turn, brought together their own gathered information on a variety of subjects.

Lady Dido continued to puzzle over the inconsistencies in the tales surrounding halo devices while Magos Attilan perfected the arcane adjustments that would permit an auspex or other scanner to detect the malign energies of slaugth technology.

A hale and intimidating agent of Reliquary 23 arrived with forbidden tomes, granting them to the Inquisitor to peruse on the subject of the banned and excommunicated Phaenonite philosophy. Inquisitor Promethea studied them with some care.

Ultimately, after conferring with her Throne Agents, the Inquisitor opted against confronting Lyza Blue in her offices on Ichabarr, and the group boarded the Cromwell’s Fury intended to sail the empyrean to the hive world of Rashan, there to find their former companion, Callidon Rees, and see what he had learned of his cousin, the Amaranthine Syndicate manager Cordelia. They were concerned, having not heard much from their former associate, that he may have been in trouble or compromised and so they opted against sending a detailed astropathic message. They did, however, alert him to their arrival via commercial astropath once they arrived at the planet.

They secured a suite of rooms at a hotel suited for visiting and wealthy nobles. Shortly they found themselves disturbed by a pair of individuals who rapidly proved to be acolytes to the Inquisitor, recruited and sent by Callidon to ensure that his “friend from Rubrica” was, in fact, the genuine article before Callidon himself appeared.

Callidon debriefed the Inquisitor on his efforts thus far to untangle the web that was the Cold Trade Emporium on Rashan.

It would appear that the Emporium was not a physical place, and so could not be visited or raided. Such a thing would be impractical on an Imperial hive world, even one as sprawling, tangled, and riddled with intrigue as Rashan. The Emporium was a complex network of blinds, counter-blinds, agents, and intermediaries all arranging for sellers to do business with buyers while maintaining all necessary protection and anonymity for both parties. To participate in the Emporium one needed to “know a guy who knows a guy” in the local parlance, and engage in a convoluted process of negotiation, all to protect the parties involved from the Inquisition.

Rashan is a world that thrives on intrigue. It’s dozens of noble houses have developed an elaborate dueling code. The Emporium had existed for centuries, although previous to Lord-Captain Finn’s rise, it had been a more diffuse black market effort. Finn introduced a significant cold trade element, and now, under Cordelia Rees, that element had come to dominate the Emporium’s profits.

The Inquisitor also learned that Cordelia Rees arrived at the top of this shadowy network through the usual methods… betrayal and assassination… all backed by Amaranthine Syndicate money and information.

The Inquisitor prepared to meet with the rest of her local acolyte cell to ensure that the suitable rituals of loyalty were upheld, and thenceforth to consider how best to deal with the Emporium.



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