The Licenian Heresy

Inquisitorial Factions

Port Echo / Ichabarr

(700 + GE)
(Brian, Doug, Jane, Peg)

From the Archives of Archibald Fanning, Vanem Umbrae

Having secured the aid Elizabeth Starling, Inquisitor Promethea and her Throne Agents awaited Starling’s information by throwing another party at the House Rees casino for the power-players of Port Echo. They monitored the shifting politics and fortunes of the various Rogue Trader dynasties and Imperial functionaries and met Commissar Kenshi Ogawa who had been delegated the task of overseeing Lady-Captain Surma’s transition to respectable Imperial station-commander.

True to her word, Starling provided all the information she possessed on the Amaranthine Syndicate whereupon Magos Attilan and Adept Dido applied advanced data analysis to look for patterns and conclusions. It appeared to be true that the Syndicate had gone from nearly no presence in the Sector to a nascent but significant one in a frighteningly-fast period of time. The Syndicate was the one who purchased both ships used by the Starling dynasty, as well as funding their operations in the Licenian subsector. In exchange, the Starlings were to provide transportation for Syndicate personnel, as well as introductions to elements within the Cold Trade and legitimate trade.

The Inquisitor and her Agents were chilled to note that their own actions in demolishing the Council of Nine were capitalized upon by the Syndicate, who purchased Cold Trade assets at a steep discount from Council members, absorbed Lord-Captain Finn’s pirate and Cold Trade network, purchased outright Hiram Vain’s legitimate mercantile empire, and through the simple expediency of knowing the right people and picking up the pieces, had become in the span on months the pre-eminent brokers in the Ixaniad Sector Cold Trade as well as gaining a strong foothold in legitimate trade and piracy, respectively.

The Syndicate, it appeared, was run by anonymous “Directors” who give orders to various capable and individually powerful Managers who each have significant portfolios of responsibility. Due to the inconveniences of long-distance travel from the Calyxis Sector, it seemed highly likely that at least one Director was personally overseeing operations in the Ixaniad Sector. Starling knew for a fact that there were three Managers.

Garvus Slint was placed in charge of all the Syndicate’s pirate interests. He operates out of a raider-class vessel with significant technological upgrades known as the “Void Kraken” and interfaces with the various pirate groups who had once been loosely affiliated with Lord-Captain Finn.

Lyza Blue was the Manager in charge of Vain’s Mercantile Consortium. She operated openly out of Hiram Vain’s former offices on Ichabarr, and was now in charge of all the Syndicate’s legitimate trade.

Cordelia Rees was placed in charge of the Syndicate’s Cold Trade interests, operating out of the emporium on Rashan.

Inquisitor Promethea and her agents took into custody the two Pale Throng psykers who had surrendered, and they planned to depart. They made Ichabarr their first destination so as to drop the psykers off at the Scholastia Psykana, but also to look into the matter of the two Halo Devices now known to be present on the capitol world, and to see what might be learned about Lyza Blue. Their plan was to subsequently take the journey to Rashan to see if their associate Callidon Rees and the cell of acolytes he had been charged with building, had made headway, especially considering the fact that the Cold Trade was being run by one of Callidon’s relatives.

They arrived at Ichabarr where the Inquisitor opted to stop by the Solemn Hall, headquarters of the Ixaniad Sector’s Inquisition. There, she met with Inquisitor Purusha who offered to aid Inquisitor Promethea in procuring the necessary resources to have black cells installed on the Cromwell’s Fury. Inquisitor Promethea provided to Inquisitor Purusha the information on the Halo Devices, and left the latter to pursue that investigation.

While Acolyte Dido perused the Inquisition’s library looking into other reports of Halo Device usage, Inquisitor Promethea was summoned by High Inquisitor Alexandre Daro.

What was spoken of in that meeting is unknown to this humble scholar, but it involved disturbing political shifts within the Sector’s Inquisition which resulted in a more concerned and careful Inquisitor Promethea.



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