The Licenian Heresy

Demons of Ymir-3


(600 + GE)
(All present)

Encryption-Pattern Zeta
Cipher-Lock Engaged
To: Hans Steendahl, Inquisitor
From: Marigold, Interrogator, Temple Vanus
Thought for the Day: Shine Your Light upon the Darkness

My Lord,

We entered orbit around Ymir-3 on time. The services of the navigators of House Risari continue to be a boon to your endeavors. I gathered the acolytes of Epsilon cell for their briefing. I gave them an update on current intelligence on the political factions within the Licenian subsector on the off-chance they would discover evidence of recent Regency or Consular interference, I told them of the Dynasty Haram data, and avoided discussing the reports of Interrogator Svenya on the subject of nearby Port Constance and his speculations as to what xenos laired there. I did not wish to pre-dispose the acolytes to any particular conclusions in the early stages of their investigation.

Inquisitor-Sicarius Dinali reported that the path had been prepared for a formal introduction of “witchhunters” from the Imperium into the court of Queen Atali of Praxia. The Queen’s acceptance of foreigners from the stars has, I suspect, far more to do with her ambitions to rule the entire planet than anything else, and I anticipate she will make strong overtures to the acolytes for gifts of technology. Once we have finished our assessment of the situation, we can consider who might be an appropriate planetary governor on behalf of the Emperor.

Veteran Sister-Superior Castita took the lead, as well as the Rosarius, from Acolyte Rees and they made their arrival to the Queen’s court in Praxia. They managed to make an excellent first impression with the royal family and assorted hanger’s on, were formally welcomed, and completed their first formal dinner.

Epsilon cell has, indeed, become a well-honed tool. By the end of their first day on Praxia they have already uncovered more than Inquisitor-Sicarius Dinali has in the previous week. Of course, they have the benefit of being able to ask direct questions. There are certain disadvantages to deep cover it would seem.

Epsilon cell reports an enclave of the Tynian heresy hidden away in a polar bunker-fortress. My own scans verify that this enclave holds the only functioning plasma-reactor on Ymir-3. I have already calculated the necessary firing trajectory to annihilate the bunker with the Void Star’s lance battery, but I am withholding that sanction until Epsilon cell can ascertain if this enclave is somehow connected to the larger issues on Ymir-3 or is merely an additional point of corruption.

The matter that gripped Epsilon cell’s imagination immediately, as well it should, was the contention by inhabitants of Ymir-3 that their world is prone to persistent and constant daemonic possession. The acolytes at first worried that their blase attitude toward apparent psykers might be the cause, but upon additional investigation they noted that the entire paradigm of daemonic possession, as understood by the locals, differed significantly from all known manifestations of that type. The “daemonic possessions” appeared to merely transform ordinary people into clever, knowledgeable insurgents, and the strength and effectiveness of these rebellions correlated to the political power of the polity they were rebelling against. Nowhere were there any indications of actual daemonic manifestation. The acolytes rapidly came to the conclusion that a concerted effort by a cabal of telepaths could easily bring about this same state, and that some group or cabal was apparently manipulating the politics on this planet to keep them tumultuous. It suited someone’s agenda to keep the planet wracked in perpetual warfare.

When they were able to attain an eyewitness description of the Queen’s “sceptre of office,” however, I deemed it appropriate to fill them in on our leading theory, which the appearance of the sceptre seems to confirm. It would appear that Slaugth artifacts, if not Slaugth themselves, are present on Ymir-3. I briefed the acolytes on the scant intelligence we possess on this sinister species, and warned them to be careful in their ongoing investigation. I will brief you as we learn more.

In Service,

Vanem Umbrae

Cipher Lock Disengaged



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