The Licenian Heresy

Amidst the Wolves


(500 + GE)
(Doug, Jane, Peg, Randy, Sean)

Encryption-Pattern Zeta
Cipher-Lock Engaged
To: Hans Steendahl, Inquisitor
From: Marigold, Interrogator, Temple Vanus
Thought for the Day: Be a Lion Among Wolves

My Lord,

Epsilon Cell’s investigations proceed apace. Inquiries into the Soothsayer’s Guild of Praxia has revealed that, contrary to earlier fears, Soothsayers in this culture are not psykers. They are some cross between psychologists, analysts, and skilled con artists. In fact, overt use of supernatural power is deemed de facto evidence of daemonic possession. All of this is notwithstanding the fact that the Royal Soothsayer is a minor psyker. The extremely subtle use of psychic abilities could certainly explain his rise to his current exalted position.

A culture that destroys any and all overt evidence of psychic power is certainly in keeping with the pre-Imperial Licenian civilization. It also fits our current theory that there is nothing truly daemonic about Ymir-3’s obsession with daemons.

Sister Castita, Acolyte Attilan, and Acolyte Promethea gained access to the palace dungeons where they discovered a political prisoner of the local branch of House Rees and three prisoners captured as the result of “daemon” inspired uprisings. Apparently, when the uprisings fester long enough, full-fledged military action is required to suppress them, but in some cases prisoners are acquired. It is up to the military officers of Praxia, who double as official clergy of the cult of the queen, to rule on summary execution or investigation. Often those prisoners deemed worthy of investigation are those who have wealth, power, or relatives with either or both, and even then only in cases where the evidence of possession is not damning. Acolyte Promethea discerned no hint of psychic power or residue upon the prisoners, but did note a fifth prisoner that the Royal Jailor insisted was not present. It became rapidly clear that the Queen was holding a secret prisoner she wished to keep concealed.

Acolyte Dido did some research in the Royal Archives while Acolyte Rees planted surveillance equipment in key places around the palace. He was also able to infiltrate the royal apartments, which are apparently contained in an old colonial STC pre-fabricated administration building, which the rest of the palace was built around. The royal apartments still had electrical power, although the source of that power was suspected to not be the original, STC micro-fusion reactor.

After the acolytes re-convened, it was suspected that perhaps the Ryneian hereteks in the polar facility might be aware of Slaugth manipulation. I set up the Void Star as a relay and Acolyte Attilan conversed in binary with whichever member of the cult was on the receiving end of our transmissions. The cult revealed highly sophisticated augur arrays, and provided us with data to indicate that “corrupted technology” (i.e. technology fused with flesh, which Ryneians consider inherently flawed and corrupt) was brought to Ymir-3 by those who “predate” upon humans. The hereteks asserted that only through transfiguration into pure machine could humanity hope to survive. More importantly, they indicated the mechanism whereby the Slaugth travel to Ymir-3, namely “receivers” that permit them to transport themselves to concealed locations from their base of operations. The hereteks confirmed Interrogator Svenya’s report that the Slaugth originate from the vicinity of Port Constance.

If the Slaugth have instantaneous transportation abilities between Port Constance and Ymir-3, that strongly implies they may be active on Aleron’s Rest as well, as both worlds, cosmically speaking, are in the same “neighborhood.” So far we have no current intelligence on Aleron’s Rest, but I will calculate the feasibility of detailing agents to look into the matter.

Inquisitor-Sicarius Dinali revealed herself to Epsilon Cell in her guise as the Soothsayer Serena. She attached herself to the group for the purposes of a less formal, more private dinner with the Queen that evening.

During dinner, the Queen’s soothsayer utilized a psychic power to make it more difficult for the dinner to be spied upon by means psychic or technological and the Queen and her son revealed: 1) The mystery prisoner is a relative of the House of Fera who fell under possession and attempted to assassinate the queen, 2) The Queen was concerned that certain matters of unusual technology at her disposal are, in fact, of “daemonic” origin, citing her own sceptre, the weapon the assassin apparently attempted to use on her, and the power source beneath her palace. She promised that if the acolytes could provide her with replacements for these things so as not to disadvantage her against her enemies, she would gladly give them up.

After dinner, the Prime Minister took the acolytes below to view the “daemonic” engine powering the palace, and presumably those parts of the capitol with power. The acolytes witnessed a full-fledged Slaugth artifact. I will update you as we know more.

Yours in Faith,

Vanem Umbrae



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